Pixtica – Android camera with full Editor

Pixtica is all in one Android Camera with photo and video Editor for free. Best Android cam to for creative photos and videos to get attraction and attention on social media. Always capture perfect selfies and photos event without any photographic experience.

Create awesome memory lane with photos

Have you ever wondered why people are so fond of taking pictures on every occasion? Well, sure we love dressing up and posing for all of those pictures but why exactly do we go through all that?

Because one day, we might sit down, look at those pictures we’ve clicked throughout life and have a moment of nostalgia. They keep every moment spent, vivid in our minds. All of the good memories and joyous times spent can be cherished for a lifetime with some good pictures.

Well, what can I say, the 21st century has become so advanced that it provides the ability to capture moments at the palm of your own hands now. You might have had the experience with numerous camera apps, but have you found the perfect one yet?

For all those who think otherwise, Perraco Labs have brought to you the all new ‘Pixtica’ camera app with the ability to edit all your photos to your hearts content. This camera app unlike any other, allows you to bring out the best of your photos with a range of creative tools just for your creative mind! If you are someone with the potential for creativity and innovations, this app is indeed the best choice you would make.

Pixtica for perfect selfies and photos

You might be a beginner or even a pro, but Pixtica will bring out the best creativity out of you. It comprises of many filters, stickers and textures that allows you to come up with unique photos and creations. These can be picked to suit the occasion and also add excitement and fun into all your photos.

It also allows pro-grade photography just like a DSLR camera for your phone with capabilities of manual controlling. You can easily adjust features such as ISO, shutter speed, exposure and many more so that you can come up with the most professional looking capture.

App also offers its users the ability to blur backgrounds, use portrait mode and also replace the backgrounds of your photos. Who needs photoshop when you can make the best out of Pixtica itself!

If you’re one who loves funny content, you can try out the GIF recorder on the app that allows you to create animated GIF’s that will enhance your creativity immensely.

It also includes lapse motions, slow motions and also updates you on blue and golden hours that will sure make your captures mesmerizing. Pixtica is the best gateway to all of you with incredibly creative minds and the passion for photography. Unlike any other app, it will offer you a range of super exciting features that will ensure to make you feel like a real pro. Get your hands on the all new Pixtica app for the best photographic experience!

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