Camera FV 5

Are you looking for DSLR like manual controls on Android phone. Does not need to change your phone, install Camera FV-5 to get all the DSLR like Manual controls. Optimized for best raw photographs using Android Camera. Use your imagination, creativity and photographic skills to produce photos and videos you want.

Camera FV 5 for professional Photography

A camera can be described as a device that assists one to capture any event that requires to be viewed as and when needed at a later time. Camera is no longer a luxury device as it used to be but now is a common device used by a majority of people all around the world.

Although the camera is no longer a luxury device the advance development has made its features quite luxurious. A camera app with sophistication yet affordable to be used in a smartphone is none other than the CAMERA FV-5.

Whether for professional use or otherwise CAMERA FV-5 is assured to give maximum satisfaction and pleasure in usage with its fantastic and amazing features at fingertips making it an easy and a convenient app. One can capture photos in raw form to ensure the image comes unprocessed in its original form to be processed later if needed. Here are the other easy to use main features making CAMERA FV-5 app extremely special.

Features of this Camera App

All of its operational modes are adjustable manually within easy reach. Exposure compensation makes it possible for making the image to be captured brighter or darker as required.

Light metering mode sensor in the app measures the brightness of the image when exposed to light giving the user an idea of the brightness in an image to be shot. Focus mode allows one to temporarily pause apps in the smartphone so that focus could be done on the task at hand.

White balance setting allows to control the colors in different types of light. Using the right white balance will eliminate unwanted color cast that could ruin the image. The full fledged exposure bracketing allows one to continuously take shots from 3 to 7 frames enabling to image a number of angles of the picture.

To shoot a photo in the night-time and to capture moving trails like moving lights the app has long exposure support with a timing upto 30 seconds. All the functions of the camera can be assigned to the smartphone volume keys thereby making the functions to work on touch.

This app is supported by metadata where one can recollect details like the author, file size, the date a document was created etc. Digital zooming is possible with multi touch pinch gesture showing up to 35mm equivalent facial length to determine how strongly the system accounts the spread of light.

With the program and Speed priority modes it’s easy for the user to easily select a program at the speed one prefers. Auto focus makes it possible to select predetermined points and thereafter viewed through the view finder as the camera will stay focused on these selected points. All these and many more makes Camera FV-5 one’s preferred camera app.

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