iPhone 13 Camera App for Android

Are you a fan of iPhone Camera app and does not like iPhones or does not has iPhone? This app is for your. You can install iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 pro style camera app on your Android phone.

This is not original iPhone camera app. This is third party Android camera application that is designed to have the same style of iPhone camera apps. If you does not like how this camera app take pictures and videos click here to check out best Android camera apps.

Photography for everyone

Are you one of those photography enthusiasts? Or are you just like me, in love with selfies and random clicks that make us go throughout the day? Well, whoever you might be, photography has been a world renowned form of art since the early days.

It helps us take a break from our hectic daily routine and spend some time doing something artistic, creative, and also therapeutic. Clicking a photo a day, can absolutely keep the doctor away!

Photography can be identified as a gateway to all our fantasies and creativity. It most definitely relates to our inner most creative self and captures the world as a creative eye would. All of this, wouldn’t be possible if you do not find the perfect camera app to best suit your preferences. That is why the all new Camera for iPhone 13 Pro is going to blow your mind with its exclusive features and tools!

iPhone 13 pro Style Camera app

With this Camera app, you can say goodbye to all of your other camera apps with low quality and less features and embrace all of the exciting news and features this app has to offer. It allows its users to capture the most colorful and creative photos to cherish their memories for a lifetime in a photograph.


The camera has three wonderful modes of shooting namely, camera, video and square. So, you can now choose which mode you want to go with, to make your photo’s or video’s exceptional.

The video quality on the app is enough to mesmerize any watching eye. It gives you the best HD quality videos and also allows you to record and click photos while taking a video!

How exciting does that sound? The app also comprises of numerous other features. Continuous shooting, automatic beauty face to make you look like your most beautiful version, Professional camera mode to make your photos look extremely professional at the comfort of your mobile camera app! and many more other fun and exciting offers such as the ability to mute the camera shutter, auto flash options and many more.

The most exciting part about the app is, you may own an android phone but still be able to capture the exact quality an iOS and iPhone camera would! The app also comprises of many filters that will ensure to add more vibrance and excitement to all of those pictures you click!

You can also keep clicking those beautiful selfies of yours and flaunt them all over social media for a glimpse of attention! With this ultimate camera app, you can now go all professional or even cool and funky with all of its different features! So, hurry and don’t miss out on any of this fun!

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