Candy Camera v6.0.90 [280MB] – Download For Android Now!

Name:Candy Camera apk
Size:280 MB
Last Updated:17th November, 2023
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How to install Candy Camera Apk

Don’t worry download and installing or sideloading apk files to Android is simple. Just follow below mention steps to install this camera app easily.

Step 1: First enable “Unknown Sources” option

You have to enable this option from settings to install apps from sources other than play store.

  1. Go to settings of your devices.
  2. Scroll and find security section
  3. There you will see “unknown sources” option. Select it.
  4. Now select your web browser application and allow permisions.

Step 2: Download candy camera apk

Open your web browser application and visit this website. If you are viewing this web page using your mobile click here to download Candy Camera apk.

Step 3: Locate downloaded apk file and install

Go to download section of your web browser application once download completed. Select it to begin installation. Allow required permissions and enjoy.

All your selfies are are not as beautiful as you want. Most often default camera app does not has enough filters and effects to take selfies you dream of. Candy Cam for Android allows any user to capture nice and beautiful photos every time that are ready to social media.

This is a free Android Camera application that is available on Google Play Store, Aptoide and AC Market. You can download this application from any of those app stores for free.

Importance of perfect selfies

Want some added magnificence to all your photos? Don’t we all? With all of the social media apps and platforms available in the modern society, taking selfies and captures have indeed become one of the most popular activities nowadays.

Research has proven that posting selfies and captures on social media have helped boost self-confidence and also self-esteem in many individuals. The humankind often tends to seek validation and social acceptance which is a normal emotion common to us all.

Selfies that bring out the most beautiful version of ourselves help us feel satisfied and content with ourselves. And honestly, with all of our daily hectic schedules and workload, it is mandatory that we keep ourselves loved and satisfied. So, go ahead and look like the most beautiful version of yourself.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and everyone looks beautiful in their own unique ways. But what if I tell you that you can look beautiful no matter what, just by a simple camera app? Yes, you heard me right! The Candy Camera is an app for all android users for absolutely free on the android store! The app is not just a camera app, but it also does wonders!

Candy Camera for perfect Selfies

The app offers a range of features and tools that will guarantee to provide its users with the best experience. The app offers a wide range of filters for all your selfies.

All you got to do is, choose the best and most appropriate filter for your selfie just by swiping and switching between them. These filters will make your skin look absolutely flawless and smooth like you’ve always wanted.

The camera also comprises of many beautifying features and functions that allow you to create the perfect selfie. Slimming effects to make you look like your favorite celebrity, whitening and concealer to showcase and enhance your beauty, and even lipstick, blush, and mascara to complete your makeup look! These ultimate beauty tools will assure to give the most exquisite yet natural makeup look you’ve always dreamed of.

The app also allows its users to create super fun, exciting and cool photos with stickers and collages! Stickers are available for every trend and occasion and make your photos super cool and eye-candy. All you got to do is pick out your favorite sticker and place it right where it’s needed!

You can also create super fancy collages with different styles and grid types that you need to make your posts and feed look more exciting. The silent camera feature is an absolute life saver and allows you to take captures anywhere, at any time without any embarrassment whatsoever. Hurry and don’t miss out on the amazing features it offers!!

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