Camera360 Lite

Does your camera app is always laggy and run out of storage space when taking videos and photos. Use this lite weight simple yet powerful Android camera app that capture stunning photos and videos without less storage size. Enter Camera360 Lite – Stylish Filter, an Android camera app that brings all camera features to the table. With its stylish filters and powerful editing tools, Camera360 Lite empowers users to capture stunning photos.

The creators at PinGuo Inc. have created the Camera360 Lite with a focus on optimizing performance while maintaining a comprehensive set of features. This lightweight version of the popular Camera360 app is popular fluid photography experience on devices with limited memory and processing power.

Features of Camera360 Lite

Stylish Filters

Has large collection of stylish filters. With a single tap, you can instantly transform your photos, adding a touch of artistry and uniqueness to every shot. You will find filters like classic black-and-white tones, vibrant filters and surreal color effects.

Real-Time Editing

No need to spen hours editing your photos on computer. With Camera360 Lite’s real-time editing features, you can fine-tune your images right as you capture them. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more, ensuring that your shots are perfectly balanced.

Beauty Enhancements

Not only adding filters and editing it also offers tools for beauty enhancements. You can use this camera app as a beauty cam. You will find features like skin smoothing, blemish removal, teeth whitening, eye brightening and more. You can use those features to create perfect beauty selfies and photos.

Pro-Level Editing

It also provides pro-level editing features. You can fine-tune your photos with precise adjustments, such as curves, levels, and color balance, to achieve your unique vision.


Camera360 Lite is more than just a camera app. It has lightweight design, stylish filters, real-time editing, beauty enhancements, and pro-level capabilities and more. So, whether you’re capturing everyday moments let Camera360 Lite be your camera app. You can download this camera app directly from Google play store for free.

If you only looking for beauty features, try using Android beauty camera apps like YouCam Perfect, Candy Cam or B612 apk. Those are the best free Android beauty camera apps.

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