Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor

Many of your try to find perfection in photos and videos by changing posture and more. Use Perfect Me Android camera app that takes your body reshaping to the next level. Designed to reshape and retouch both face and body. Below listed some of the notable features of this Android camera app.

Features of Perfect Me App

Reshape Body Editor and Retouch Details

Whether you wish to accentuate your curves, slim down specific areas, or enhance your physique, this feature lets you reshape your body with remarkable precision. Effortlessly retouch any imperfections, making you feel flawless in every shot. With a few taps, you can transform your photos into perfectly postured photos, selfies or videos too.

Face Tune Editor

The Face Tune Editor offers tools to soften skin, erase blemishes, and brighten your smile. Enhance your facial features subtly or glamorously, depending on your mood and occasion. Change your photos for natural look or ready to dazzle with a touch of glam.

Makeup Beauty Editor

Experiment with various makeup styles, from classic to trendy, without ever having to open your makeup bag. Apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and blush to find the perfect combination to create beautiful and attractive selfies. Transform your appearance with just a few taps.

Video Body & Face Editor

Reshape your body and retouch your face in videos, ensuring that every frame captures your body in perfect shape. Now, you can confidently share videos with friends and family, knowing that you look as stunning in videos.

Selfie Beauty Camera

This camera mode optimizes every selfie you take, automatically applying flattering filters and enhancements to elevate your selfies to a whole new level. Whether it’s a solo shot or a group photo, the Selfie Beauty Camera guarantees picture-perfect results every time. There are many Android camera apps that are optimized for beauty selfies like Candy Cam, B612 apk and Youcam Perfect. You can try beauty mode of this camera app like many other Android beauty camera apps.

Beautify & Color Adjustments

Fine-tune your photos with precise adjustments. Color corrects your photos where default camera failed and contrast enhancements to make your photos perfect. This camera app lets you tailor the visual aesthetic to match your creative vision.


Perfect Me – Face & Body Editor is a free Android camera app available on Google play store. With its reshaping and retouching features for both face and body, virtual makeup capabilities, and video editing options, this Android camera app will be the best android camera app to have.

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