Galaxy S9 S10 S10 plus Camera

Capturing stunning photos and videos has never been easier with this Camera App. Packed with a plenty of features and shooting modes, this app transforms your smartphone into a powerful camera capable of capturing professional-grade images and videos. Support Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 plus devices.

Features of this Android Camera App

Shooting Modes

This Galaxy Camera App offers many shooting modes like standard HD photo taking to capturing 4K videos. For low-light situations, the Night Mode comes to the rescue, producing bright and clear images even in challenging lighting conditions. Need to capture fast-moving subjects? The Burst Mode captures a series of shots in rapid succession, ensuring you never miss the perfect shot.

Adjustable Shutter

With the adjustable shutter feature, you are in complete control of your camera app. Fine-tune the shutter speed to capture motion with precision, freeze action-packed moments, or experiment with long exposure shots to create captivating light trails and dreamy effects.


Portrait Mode is an essential tool for creating stunning portraits with a professional-looking effect. Easily separate your subject from the background, making them stand out in every shot. This Galaxy Camera App intelligently detects faces and optimizes the depth of field, resulting in impressive and eye-catching portraits.

Time Lapse

The Time Lapse feature is perfect for creating videos that condense time, revealing mesmerizing scenes like blooming flowers, passing clouds, or bustling cityscapes. This Camera App effortlessly captures hours of footage and transforms it into a condensed masterpiece, allowing you to watch the passage of time in a matter of seconds.

Customizable Shutter Release Options

Offers a range of self-timer options, including 2, 3, and 5-second timers. This flexibility ensures you can set up the perfect group shot or take a stunning selfie without the need for a separate remote. The Anti-Shake and optical image stabilization features help you maintain sharpness and clarity in your shots, even in challenging shooting conditions. Additionally, the Screen Shutter / Big Button option simplifies photo-taking, putting the power of the shutter right at your fingertips.

Manual Controls

This Camera App provides advanced photographers with a range of manual controls, including shutter speed, exposure, ISO, focus, and white balance. These features empower you to fine-tune every aspect of your shots, ensuring you achieve your desired photo.


You can stamp photos with date, time, location, and even your own copyright details. Additionally, the Trimming, cropping, rotating, mirroring, straightening, and perspective correction tools give you the freedom to enhance and perfect your images, ensuring your memories are preserved exactly as you envision them.

Install Galaxy Camera app

Most third-party camera apps may not work well on every device. If you use Galaxy S9, S10 or S10 plus devices, this will be a great choice. Open Play store application and search “Galaxy S9 S10 S10 plus 8k HD C” to install this app.

If you are looking for more feature full Android camera app that work on more devices than this, then try using YouCam Perfect, B612 or Candy cam. Those are the best Android camera apps for beauty selfies and photos.

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