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As you know there are many camera applications available on Google play store. However, most of them does not support all Android phones. It is because unlike iPhones, Android phones are manufactured by vast number of manufacturers all around the world. There are many Android phone manufactures you may never hear of. So, there are many different camera systems using different kind of sensors. Building one camera application that work on all Android phones without any issue it not a easy task.

That’s why you have to install many Android Camera applications to test whether that app work smoothly without any issue. It is not an easy task to replace your stock camera apk. Camera MX is one of the best stock camera replacement apps that work on all most all Android phones without any issue. Since this app is perfect compared to others, it comes with ads and in-app purchases. Don’t worry those are not annoying and make it harder to use.

Below listed some of the features of this application. Feel free to download Camera app from play store and give it a try.

Features of Camera MX

  • Support all the resolutions and ratios that your camera sensor can handle. So, there is no chance that capable amount of high resolution will be not in use.
  • Auto focus feature helps to take crispy clear photos. Take nice and clear looking photos with fine-tuned auto focus feature.
  • You can customize JPED quality from settings. Not restricted to one JPEG quality.
  • You can add video cuts while recording a video by real time pausing feature.
  • Create time-lapse. Create fast moving videos with Time-lapse videos feature.
  • Unlike other apps, you can add filters to real time videos recordings. Switch filters while recording and have fun.
  • Can detect all the cameras available on your phone. So, you can use all the lenses available like front camera and back camera.
  • Control flash light to be on/off or automatic during a video or photo. You can use flash as a torch.
  • Support finger gestures to zoom in and out. That feature helps you to quickly zoom in and out from a frame.
  • Disable shutter sound so that people around you won’t notice every time you take photos.
  • Has timer for delay shots. Helps to take group photos when your phone is not in hand reach area.
  • Support GPS location tagging and more.

Above listed only few features of this application. You can download this Google Camera application to your Android phone and find all those features.

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