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It is not a shocker that everyone loves a bit of attention and good pictures to flaunt on the internet. Social media has rapidly grown with time and so has people’s eager to upload really amazing and mesmerising pictures on the feeds of their social media platforms. And a good camera is a must in order to achieve this purpose!

I am pretty sure all of us have had the experience of having a really bad camera, or maybe the lighting and effects of your camera were not of your choice. Or sometimes you might have damaged your lens and not able to take those mesmerizing photos you always wished to.

Better Camera App for Android

A Better Camera, an android app for absolutely free, just as the name suggests will offer you the best photography experience that you waited so long for! Just a few adjustments on the settings and a single tap on your smart phone will ensure professional photo quality just by your phone camera!

Many people also look for a wide range of features in the camera they use for better photographic experience. A better camera offers plenty of exciting features such as time lapse, burst, video recording and pausing, white-balance and also time stamp feature. People often look back at pictures and wonder when and where they took that picture.

Memories are supposed to be cherished for a lifetime and although many of us do not understand the importance of looking back in time now, when we actually look at a picture of significant importance to us, we release the importance of timestamp on our pictures. A better camera already has everything right on track and ready to serve you with the best of its features.

This app can also be called a life saver as with its lenses, it can remove all smudges and blurry effects from your normal camera and offer you the best pictures with excellent quality to suit your best needs. The instagrammer or the blogger within all of us would indeed feel like this is a dream come true! A little self confidence never hurt anyone so go ahead and click the best pictures of yourself and everything around you!

People have proven to demonstrate more confidence and self-motivation when they observe that they look extremely good in the pictures they have captured. This not only boosts self-confidence, but also enhances levels of self-affirmation and esteem that helps one perform better in their day to day activities. Therefore, if you are someone who has always longed for an amazing camera to capture all your favorite moments and memories, as if they were taken by a pro, A better camera will be your best choice!

There are many other alternatives like YouCam Perfect and B612. Those camera apps has many beautiful filters. Try them for free.

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