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We all like to have a super quality camera with us all the time. Most of the time we are used ta take photographs with the Android default camera app. But sometimes we do not feel satisfied with the default app. So, we tend to install additional camera apps to replace the default one. There is may such camera apps in the app market that can use to replace the native one. One such camera app that you surely will like is the Moto Camera 2.

What is Moto Camera 2?

Simply this is one of the coolest camera apps that you can have in your Androids. This was developed for the Motorola devices. We all like to have a clear and a high-quality photos and videos at all times. This app is surely helping you in this aspect. With the Moto Camera 2 you will be able to capture your photo very beautifully. Each and every photo you are taking with this camera app can surely be shared with the others through your social media profiles. Each and every photograph will be with the best quality.

Features of Moto Camera 2

The coolest feature regarding this camera app is that it has integration with Google Photos.

Here you can launch your Android camera by just twisting your wrist. This is a nice feature that I have seen in this camera. Twisting your wrist back will switch the camera. Very easy and a new way of launching your camera. If you touch anywhere in your screen after opening it you can capture a photo.

This allows you to record the videos as well. While recording a video also you can capture a photo. Just tap anywhere on the screen and you can capture your image while video is still going on.

The camera has ability to adjust the color automatically according to the surrounding colors. This surely lead to capture a clear shot.

The camera automatically takes number of shots and then it recommends the best photo to keep with you. just avoid the blinking eyes, blur and badly focused images and videos. Just keep the best photo with you by saving your storage space.

Moreover, there are some options which you can change according to your preference. If you want you can change the video quality and resolution. You can set a timer ranging from 3- 10 seconds and also can capture panorama and portrait images as well.

Can add your location of shooting to keep a precise memory on the places you visit. This will make the arrangement very easy. As well you can choose the storage place as well if you have an external SD card in your Android. If you got interested about the app then have it now on your Android!!!

Download Moto Camera 2 for Android

You can download this camera application for compatible devices using play store. Open Play store and search this camera app. If not click below links using your Android phone to open play store download link.

Download via Play Store

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