Cymera – Collage, Editor and Selfie Filters

Cymera is a free Selfie Camera app with many filters, effects, etc. You can easily create attractive selfies with this Android camera. Use simple Photo Editor and collage maker create unique and smooth photos as you want.

Cymera Photo Editor

Introducing the CYMERA camera app which will satisfy all its users with its features that imparts professionalism to photography! Some of the handy features Cymera app has to offer includes photo editing and a beauty camera.

The importance of being able to edit a photo is known to all users of a camera. Amongst many options available, Photo Editing permits an image once captured to be made to build Respectability and Credibility. To build a brand the image need to have appeal. In todays highly competitive market digital photographs properly edited will convey a business message in the best possible manner. This makes Photo editing an essential part in the marketing strategy.

No wonder Photo editing has become one of the most outsourced processes in the industry. Most people have the tendency to get attracted to a well compiled image with a brief description rather than having to run through a whole lot of literature to get to know about a new product. With the photo editing facility in Cymera there is no limit to the effects that can be brought about in a photo.

Photo editing makes possible more vibrancy, fun and appeal in a photo. Furthermore, editing can fix any images that are damaged. Simply putting it photo editing gives a whole new life to any image with more color and clarity which will bring more value to photography.

Features of Cymera Camera App

The beauty camera in Cymera makes it possible to shoot close up images highlighting features. These highlighted features are ideal for editorial, commercial, or personal purposes.

An Example of this will be images displayed in a beauty salon where the images of women will look attractive with attention given to all details which would attract new customers.

Cymera app also with its many filters gives the option of the best selfies one would long to have. It’s real time selfie filter will reflex a smooth skin and or will remove any blemishes. The user will not know that this filter has done that. User need not stress of having to worry about how the image will come about.

DSLR BLUR EFFECT feature will enable to give prominence to a particular item in an image thereby been able to blur the background artistically so that the background adds glamour but will not distract the focus from the item of prominence in the photo.

A model displaying a new dress with a garden of flowers in the background and the dress been the item of prominence will be focused upon while the garden will be attractive but with lesser focus. Lights and fireworks effects can be created to make a photo more glamourous and exciting. With many more options available CYMERA will definitely be that amazing camera app in one’s smartphone!

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