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How much of a selfie or photograph person are you? I agree that taking photos all the time can be overrated and annoying, but we all do have to agree with the fact that moments fade and the only way to capture them to cherish forever is by a photograph. The One HW Camera on the android store is a HUAWEI Mate30/P30 style camera that is offered to not just HUAWEI users but also all android users for professional photos and extremely cool and exciting selfies.

For anyone who thinks selfies are overrated and too much work, there has been a social experiment that proves the fact that the phenomena of selfies have started to transform the social cultures across the globe. Posting all your amazing selfies on social media tend to attract impressions of other people which in turn creates and boosts ones self-esteem and confidence levels. This also aids mental happiness and physical attraction which is extremely beneficial for both, one’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Huawei P30 and Huawei Mate 30 Camera App

If you like Huawei P30 and Mate30 Camera app, now you can install them on any Android phone directly through Google play store. One HW Camera is designed to look and function like that camera app. No need to install modified, unsafe, less functional version of that camera app while having fully built and fully supported camera app available via play store.

One HW Camera is dedicated to make all of your selfie fantasies come true. Its wide range of features include natural makeup looks that lets you get rid of all the time you spend on putting on makeup just to look good in front of your camera. You can now make your skin smooth, flawless, and glowing and also adjust your facial features and makeup looks as per your preference. It is always okay to want to look your best. Despite ones gender, everyone deserves to be happy by looking at their extremely mesmerizing portraits. The camera app also provides a range of fun and cool filters and stickers that make your selfies even more exciting and attractive. So, go ahead and experiment with those selfies you always wanted to take!

Not only does it support all your cool and fun ideas, but it also has the feature ‘professional mode’ that allows users to capture extremely professional photographs. With one HW Camera you do not need to own a DSLR to feel like a professional. It offers a wide range of features such as ISO, scene modes, exposure adjustment and White balance to make the best out of all your clicks.

The camera quality is HD and trust me when I say, you will be mesmerized for life with the picture quality of the camera. And that’s not all. The app also offers many more features such as auto flash, text on photos, an in built photo editor to make sure all your captures deserve the best edits in the world and many more features that will ensure to provide you with the most professional looking photographs you clicked yourself!

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