Top 3 B612 alternatives

In a world where selfies are the custom, having the right selfie camera app can make all the difference. B612, with its array of filters and features, has long been a go-to-go choice for selfie lovers. However, if you’re looking to spice up your selfie game, it’s always good to explore other options. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 3 B612 alternatives that are sure to take your selfie game to the next level: Candy Camera, Retrica, and YouCam Perfect.

Top 3 B612 alternatives

1. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is like a sweet treat for your selfies. This app offers a delightful range of filters and features that will make your selfies pop. Here’s why it’s a top alternative to B612:

  • Filters Galore: Candy Camera embraces over 1,300 filters. From classic to quirky, you’ll find the perfect filter to match your mood and style.
  • Beauty Enhancements: Bid farewell to blemishes and imperfections with Candy Camera’s beauty tools. Smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, and even make your eyes sparkle effortlessly.
  • Collage Maker: Want to create a collage of your favourite shots? Candy Camera’s collage maker lets you do just that, making it perfect for showcasing multiple moments in one frame.
  • Stickers and Frames: Add a touch of fun to your selfies with a wide variety of stickers and frames. Whether you want to look like a cute bunny or a glamorous diva, there’s a sticker for every occasion.

2. Retrica

Retrica is another fantastic alternative to B612, known for its vintage-inspired filters and versatile editing tools. Here’s why it’s a top contender.

  • Retro Vibes: Retrica’s vintage filters give your photos a nostalgic charm. Capture the essence of old-school photography with a modern twist.
  • Live Filters: Want to see how a filter looks in real-time? Retrica’s live filters let you preview the effect before snapping your selfie.
  • Collage and GIFs: Create stunning collages and animated GIFs using Retrica’s built-in tools. It’s a great way to tell a visual story with your photos.
  • Social Sharing: Easily share your masterpieces on various social media platforms directly from the app. Your followers will be impressed by your creative talent.

3. YouCam Perfect

If you’re seeking perfection in every selfie, YouCam Perfect is your go-to app. Here’s why it stands out as a top B612 alternative:

  • Face Enhancements: YouCam Perfect offers a range of tools for face enhancements. Smoothen your skin, reshape your face, and remove imperfections with just a few taps.
  • Background Editing: Change the background of your selfies to exotic locations or rhythmic patterns. It’s a fun way to transport yourself anywhere in the world.
  • Object Remover: Remove unwanted objects or people from the background of your photos. Your selfies will look clean and clutter-free.
  • AR Effects: Dive into the world of increased reality with YouCam Perfect’s AR effects. Try out different looks and styles for a playful selfie experience.

In the realm of selfie apps, B612 has long been a favourite, but it’s always refreshing to explore new options. Candy Camera, Retrica, and YouCam Perfect each bring their unique charm to the table, offering a wide array of filters, editing tools, and features to make your selfies truly shine. Whether you’re a fan of vintage vibes, playful stickers, or advanced face enhancements, there’s an alternative for every selfie enthusiast. So go ahead, download one of these top alternatives, and get ready to capture picture-perfect moments with skill.

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