Retrica – Android Filter Camera

Whether it’s a special moment with friends, a nice landscape, or a tasty looking meal, we are always wanted to capture these memories. Standard camera app of your Android phone offers convenient camera app, but that just provides a standard snapshot. That’s where Retrica, a feature-rich camera app, steps in. This Android camera app packed with over 190 filters and special effects.

Features Retrica Apk

Filters and Effects

Has impressive collection of filters and effects designed to enhance your visuals. With an extensive range of over 190 filters, each with its distinct style and mood, you can effortlessly transform your photos and videos. Want to add a vintage vibe to your beach vacation shots? Opt for the “Classic” filter, which infuses warm hues and soft vignettes. Alternatively, “Lo-fi” brings out bold colors and grainy textures, perfect for urban explorations and street photography.

Real-Time Editing

Real-time editing capabilities are what set it apart from other camera apps available. Most of the time capturing a photo first and then searching for the right filter. But with Retrica, you can preview the effects live before snapping the shot. This feature not only saves time but also allows you to experiment with different filters and effects on the spot. From subtle adjustments to dramatic transformations helps to create perfect photos.

Retro Aesthetics

Doesn’t stop at just filters, it goes above and beyond to provide users with additional retro-inspired features. The app offers classic photography elements like vignette, grain, and blur effects that add an extra layer of charm to your creations. The vignette effect draws attention to the center of the frame, giving your photos a subtle spotlight effect that enhances the subject’s prominence. Meanwhile, the grain effect emulates the texture of old film, lending an artistic touch to your visuals. Blur effect allows you to create dreamy images by selectively softening certain parts of the photo.

Album Photo editing

Once you’ve captured a photo or video, you can still explore different filters and effects from your phone album. This flexibility ensures that even your existing photos can benefit from Retrica photo editor. Moreover, the app’s user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and swift access to the various editing tools.

Install Retrica camera app

This is a free Android camera app available for many Android phones out there. You can easily download and install this Android camera app using Google play store. No need to search online for retrica apk.

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