SayCheese – Remote Camera app

Instead of using countdowns, voice commands, etc. to snap photos use SayCheese App. This app allows your to remotely connect to the phone that is taking the photo. So that you can see before capturing the photo. Connection is made via bluetooth.

Use two Android phones for perfect remote selfies and group photos. Use one phone as the remote see photo you are taking. It makes it easier to capture perfect selfies or group photos.

Best way to capture Remote Selfies

Don’t we all just love selfies and getting together in bunches and clicking the best group selfies ever? Or as you may refer to them as ‘groupies’. A hangout or get together would not be complete if an amazing groupie isn’t captured to cherish those moments forever.

Photography is not just a form of art or a therapeutic method of spending ones leisure time. It is also the gateway to the past that allows us to relive those gone memories once again. Having photos from your past memories lets you delve into a world of happiness and nostalgia.

People and moments change, but those captures never do. I’m pretty sure you and I both have gone through the hassle of clicking a group selfie. Sometimes, everyone may not fit in the selfie, or some may be cropped out or blurred, and sometimes, setting the camera on self-timer mode may not be the best option either.

All of these methods will prove useless in big groups and special occasions. But you sure need to preserve that moment, and hence, Franco apps have introduced the all new SayCheese Remote camera app that has made group selfies amazing and timer mode run out of business!

Features of SayCheese Camera App

SayCheese is a remote camera app that functions with Bluetooth and connects two smartphones together. This way, you can use the camera of one smartphone to capture the moment and the other as a shutter remote.

This app allows you to capture all your favorite moments in one picture by just controlling the Android camera of another phone. It also allows you to view the camera so that you know you’ll be clicking only the perfect picture!

The app does not require any data or WiFi at all. So, you don’t even have to worry about finishing up your data or finding a connection. The app also offers a range of features to perfect that click! HD, blur photos, closeups, breath-taking sceneries, unique selfies, group pictures, live streaming from any remote location, security cameras and many is offered for just absolutely free.

The app comprises of the live and fast preview screen, so you do not have to worry about having the perfect picture in just seconds. You can also save pictures on both phones in full quality and not worry about the hassle of sharing those amazing pictures.

Pictures can also be captured from quite a long distance so you can click all those pictures from anywhere and at any time. SayCheese remote camera app will indeed make your life super easy, relaxed, and convenient at all your reunions, trips and get togethers! Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to click the perfect capture, selfie and get your hands on this brilliant app and just say Cheese!

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