Cool Mi Camera App

Cool Mi Camera is an Android camera app that is inspired by MIUI 12 camera. This camera app supports all Android devices above version 4.3. Packed with exciting features including live photos and videos with real-time vivid AR stickers and emoji stickers. Below shows some of the notable features of this Android camera app.

Features of Cool Mi Camera App.

Real-Time Vivid AR Stickers and Emoji Stickers

Enhances your photos and videos with real-time vivid AR stickers and emoji stickers. Express your creativity and add a touch of fun to your visual content by incorporating these dynamic elements in real-time.

Skin Tone and Face Enhancement

Create perfect selfies with makeup features. Make adjustments to your skin tone, enlarge your eyes, and apply face-lift effects to create perfect and attractive selfies.

100+ Cool Filters

Comes with 100+ cool filters for free. You will find filters range from artistic effects to vintage vibes. These filters add flair and uniqueness to your photos.

Funny Mask Stickers and Seal Stickers

Add some playfulness and excitement with funny mask stickers and seal stickers. Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with various masks and seals.

Support for 4K Ultra HD Camera

You can record videos in crystal-clear quality with 4K Ultra HD. Preserve every detail and moment with impressive clarity.

HDR Mode

Further enhance brightness and colors of your photos with HDR mode. This feature helps you capture images with improved dynamic range and balanced exposure.

Convenient Zooming

No need to use two fingers or extra settings to zoom in and out. Just move the shutter button left and right to zoom in and out. This easy shortcut provides a user-friendly way to adjust your focus.

White Screen Flash for Front Camera

Take perfect and bright selfies even in low-light conditions with white screen flash for the front camera. The fill light ensures well-lit and appealing self-portraits.

Burst Shooting

Never miss a moment with burst shooting feature. Long press the shutter button to capture a series of shots in rapid succession.

Professional Mode

Fine-tune your photos and selfies with professional mode, granting you control over ISO, white balance, scene modes, and exposure compensation adjustment.

Touch to Focus

Ensure precise focus in your photos by using touch-to-focus feature. Tap on the subject to achieve sharp and well-focused images.

Auto Flash On/Off and Silent Mode

You can customize your camera settings for auto flash on/off and silent capture mode. All most all stock camera apps do not allow silent mode. You will find this feature for free on Cool Mi Camera app.

Volume Key for Selfie

Easily capture selfies with volume key as a shutter button, offering a more convenient way to snap photos.

Resolution Adjustment

Adjust the resolution for both your camera and video recordings, ensuring your content matches your preferred quality. If you have low storage space it is better to choose low resolution photos and videos for more photos and videos. If not, your phone storage will quickly fill out with few high-resolution videos and photos.

Date Tags and Grid Line

Stamp your photos with date tags and use grid lines to ensure your compositions are well-aligned and aesthetically pleasing.

Mirror Camera and Vignette Function

Experiment with cool mirror effects and vignette function to add creative twists to your visuals, elevating the artistic appeal of your photos.

Powerful Photo Editor

Cool Mi Camera includes a powerful photo editor to fine-tune your images. Apply amazing filters, crop and rotate photos, adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, and tone, and add doodles, text, or tags to enhance your photos.

Install Cool Mi Camera app

This is a free Android camera app inspired by MIUI 12. You can install this Android camera app on any Android phone including SAMSUNG, Huawei, LG, Motorola, One plus, Nothing phone, Lenovo, Asus and more. First open play store application and search “cool mi camera”. You will see this camera app on search results. Select and install. There are many other cool Android beauty camera apps like B612 apk, YouCam Perfect, Candy cam and etc. You can install those camera app directly using play store for free.

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