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Streaming content has become a common standard in today’s society. Keeping track of all the many platforms and subscriptions might be overwhelming with the emergence of several streaming services. That is where the Plex app comes. The Plex app allows users to stream movies TV shows and all types of content from one central location and makes it easy and simple. This one-of-a-kind entertainment app consists of a vast library of selections from all over the world and offers more than 300 channels to users. It is a well-liked app among fans of movies and TV shows, and its popularity has significantly increased since its release in the app market back in 2011.

Main Feature of the Plex TV App

There are numerous options and features offered by the content streaming Plex app and among them there are many noteworthy ones. One such feature of the app is the ability to organize your media library based on what your preferences are. Plex is designed to make your entertainment experience as simple and convenient as possible. It automatically downloads all of the movies and TV shows in your library’s metadata, including cover art and plot summaries. It also allows users with the freedom to create their own playlists, add their own categories, organize their media library by categories, star rating or genre and many more. Plex also allows users to stream their favorite TV shows and movies from anywhere they want and their media library can be accessed through a computer, smart TV, tablet, smartphone, and more.

Moreover, the Plex app offers its users tailored suggestions depending on their viewing history. Plex learns more about your preferences as you use it and makes recommendations for material, you’re likely to like. Similar features can be found on other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. It is also updated regularly so users won’t miss out on anything. You can also stream live TV from your local channels using Plex’s Live TV feature.

You can even record your favorite TV shows and movies from your local channels using Plex’s DVR feature. Recordings for certain programs or entire seasons can be planned according to your preference. Once a show has been recorded, you can watch it whenever, whenever, and on any device, you have access to. You can easily enjoy free movie streaming just at your fingertips in a couple of seconds. The Plex app can also be utilized as a music server to store all your playlists and popular songs.


The Plex app consists of a variety of valuable functions and features which further guarantee its high performance in the entertainment market. You can manage your media library with Plex, get personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits, discover hidden gems, and access your content from anywhere from any device available. For any user who wants to have complete control over their streaming platform Plex is the option to choose. Download it today from Applinked and enjoy the best of entertainment all in one place.

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