B612 selfie camera

The B612 Selfie Camera app has been extremely popular among smartphone users in recent years as of its unique and convenient camera and photo/video editing software. The selfie camera was created by the Korean startup Snow Corporation and has since grown to rank among the most popular camera apps worldwide.

B612 enables users to capture high-quality images and videos and then alter them with more than 1,500 unique stickers and filters. It’s easy to use interface and attractive features will leave users wanting more.

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Features of B612 Selfie Cam

The B612 app’s impressive selection of different filters and effects is one of its most primary key features. The software provides effects for everyone, including uncommon ones like “Rainbow,” “B612 Vintage,” and “Candy,” in addition to well-known ones like Sepia and Black and White.

Users can quickly change the brightness and strength of each filter to get the desired look, and the filters and effects may be applied to both photographs and videos.

The vast sticker collection of the B612 Camera app is another interesting aspect. The software has over 1,500 stickers which are readily available for use in customizing images and movies. Users can add a little of their own individuality to their content by using these stickers, which range from charming and quirky to trendy and sophisticated.

Users of B612 can also design their own unique stickers using images or drawings. Users of the app can also easily access a variety of editing tools to change certain features as the color, contrast, and saturation of their images and movies.

Users can also trim and rotate their material, and even add text overlays to their photographs and videos. The software also includes a beauty option for enhancing face features in selfies. In the beauty mode, wrinkles are automatically smoothed out, skin is made brighter, and a little makeup is also added to the user’s face.

Moreover, the B612 app provides a wise selection of shooting options, such as Video, GIF, and Collage. While the GIF mode turns images into animated GIFs, the Video mode enables users to record high-quality films with a variety of filters and effects.

Users can combine many photos into one image to create collages using the collage mode. The AR filters on B612 are among its most inventive features. These dynamic filters react to the user’s motions and facial expressions thanks to augmented reality technology. For instance, some filters make the person look like a cartoon figure or a puppy, while others simulate rain or snow.


Overall, the B612 app is a remarkable software that provides users with a wealth of tools and enhancement options for their photographs and videos. It’s a fantastic option for both new and seasoned users due to its extensive feature set and user-friendly layout. The app is a must-have for everyone who wishes to produce beautiful images and movies for their social media accounts because of its excellent beauty mode and video editing features.

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