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Add stamp or watermark to your photos with PhotStamp Camera app. This app will add your stamp or watermark to every photo you capture using your Android phone. No need to manually add your stamp to every photo you capture. Process will be automated.

You can use your Android camera app to capture beautiful moments you see. Use this app to protect those photos easily and automatically with your own signature.

Make your own Memories

It will not take much time to figure out what devices are most used around the world. In every nook and corner, you will notice people clicking away on their smartphone cameras.

In our daily routine most of us will come across many situations that will make us capture these on photo. Our lives would be worthless if moments of great importance in our lives are not reminisced.

Since it is impossible to carry all these in our memories, the one and only available option is by photography. This been the main reason for the huge development taken place from its advent in the early 19th century to date. To face any unexpected situations inducing us to capture we need to have an easy to use and efficient camera.

Photo Stamp Camera Free

Out there is the Photo Stamp Camera free App. It will support all its users, to make those ideal captures of photos and videos to give the max satisfaction. Here’s the features Photo Stamp app will show off

Features of Photo Stamp Camera APK

Stamping – There isn’t a better way than with a logo or a message to stamp your personal or company signature on an image. A catchy signature will attract many that will eventually be commercial customers of yours patronizing a product. New captures and ones already done can be stamped.

Details stamp will carry –  Time and Location can be included. These details are important as with time one will not remember time and location. Yet again the necessity to go to that location may arise for a similar purpose as before. With location been stamped previously to set footing again at this location will be no problem.

Stamp positions –  Can be changed with Just a drag and a drop. This will bring in a fresh new look to any old image.

Font – Change the lettering characters like Oblique, Italic or Normal. Select the size of the lettering and apply the most suitable font colour. 800 + Font styles offered. Unbelievable but true.

Shadow Colour – Apply a unique shadow colour pattern to the message to make it even more appealing. Bring in a Misty look, Bright Look, Sun set look, or a Sun rise look.

Stamp Transparency – With this feature make the signature in the image transparent with the looks of crystal or glass.

GPS – Location address via GPS technology can be stamped. So useful if address not known.

With these Amazing features that is exclusively in the Photo Stamp free App look no further. You got the BEST App with you. Be bold, be confident with the Photo Stamp App the photos captured could be dressed up with the Best of Signature Messages and Logos to suit any purpose.

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This is a free photo watermarking application that is available on Play store. You can easily install this application using one click. Click on below download link using your Android phone.

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