LD – Cinematic Photo Editor

Create best cinematic photos using your Android phone with LD Cinematic photo editor. LD Photo Editor offers vast collection of lights, natural elements, gradients, effects and more to convert your ordinary photo to cinematic photo.

You can capture best moments of you or selfies using your stock Android camera app. Then use this photo editor to convert those photos to cinematic levels with this photo editor.

To give all of those photo lovers a different experience in capturing and creating the best looking images what would have been a big dream until now, has become a reality.

Here’s introducing a smartphone App that will bring in a truly cinematic climax to the smartphone users. Lens Distortions App or LD cinematic photo editor. Here are some of the main features that Will bring in unlimited joy in watching, to all its customers.

Features of LD – Cinematic Photo Editor

With the photo editor, bring in the best effects of layering to the images by incorporating the subject in the foreground and background to make one comprehensive clear image that will convey its theme.

Apps iconic visual technology bring in the right white balance to adjust temperature and the tint to bring in correct colors.

Exposure adjust the image’s overall brightness or darkness to suit the image best. Adjust the contrast to give the most optimum effect between the dark and light sections of the image.

Bring in the most elegant view possible to those images by combining the distortions App features on offer to create amazing light, elegant over layers and natural elements.

LD lens filters bring greater color saturation, image detail and contrast.

400+ photo effects can be applied to the images with LD photo App and that too with the best cinematic looks.

The App offers a whole lot of layers to give customization without a limit like masks, various gradients of slopes, Hills, ramps etc. along with blank layers that could be adjusted the way user wants.

The contrasting light rays and custom light rays filters, making up light sources looking dynamic is in the App’s library along with nature’s atmospheric effects will give unending choice of options to the users.

Create nature’s most popular and appealing effects of fog, orographic rain over high mountains, snow and many more of beautiful natural elements.

Stamp your signature on any of the images with symbolic glass textures effects to make them exclusively yours. A great way for promotional presentations.

Access instantly to premium photo effects and the super features. With many layers of  beautiful and attractive colors make a world of adjustments.

Share the images with anyone. After that, the only worry will be to keep advising all of those who will be asking one question. “ What makes your images so great looking ?” All of these advance and professional but made easy to use features offered by LD photo Editor App will take the pleasure of viewing photos to all time high wondering what everyone has missed out.

So don’t be left out join in with the LD App in your smartphone and catch up on what has been missed all this time. Never too late.

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