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Now capturing moments using photos has become a norm. With the advancement of phone camera, we now have access to many free advance camera apps. Most of those camera apps has features and tools to capture photos easily and creatively. B612 is one such Android camera app that allow users to capture story using innovative layouts. Let’s see how to use layout option of B612 Camera app to tell your simple story attractively and clean.

Understanding layouts

Layouts are pre-defined templates that provide template for arranging multiple photos in to a single frame or photo. You can use those to combine various shots, create collages and etc. You can use layouts to capture multiple perspectives, highlight different emotions, tells a story, moments of a event and etc.

B612 Layouts

B612 Android camera app offers wide selection of layout options than many other alternatives out there. Ranging from single grids to complex grid layouts to fit your story. Explore the app’s layout library, which often includes seasonal themes and trending designs, to find inspiration and make your visual narrative stand out.

1. How to plan your story

Before dividing available photos to to your layout, it is essential to plan your story and moments you want to highlight. For example, consider a sequence of events or emotions you want to create. Having a clear vision in mind will help you to select the matching layout option for your story.

2. Selecting the Right Layout

Once you have the clear idea about the story, browse through layout options in B612 apk. Do not over complicated with many photos with complex layout options. Select simple and easy to create layout option with the number of photos you want. Choose a layout that complements the story you want to tell and provides a visual structure that guides the viewer’s eye through your frame.

3. Capturing photos for layout.

Once you chosen layout, start capturing photos to create your story. Do not go for one take photos for each grid. Experiment with different angles, emotions, depths and more based on the position of that photo on the layout. Remember to consider the composition and framing within each section of the layout to ensure a harmonious arrangement.

4. Editing and Enhancing

It is essential to color balance and edit those captured photos for your layout. Having unmatching colors, shadows, blur may ruin your layout. Adjust brightness, contrast, and colors to create a unified visual language across all sections of the layout. Experiment with filters and effects to evoke specific moods or highlight the theme of your story.

5. Adding Captions and Emojis

This is optional. You can use captions and emojis for further enhancement. Emojis may not suitable at every occasion. Therefore chose wisely. These textual and visual elements can provide additional context, convey emotions, or create a playful story. B612 offers a range of fonts, text colors, and emoji options to personalize your captions and make them an integral part of your visual story


Using layout to create a photo collage or story using B612 Android camera create a new world of possibilities. Storytelling in a single frame in a correct may help you to stand out as the best on your social media. Use B612 layouts wisely and create series of moments, emotions and events.

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