FiLMiC Pro – Android Pro Video App

There are not many professional manual video camera available for Android. One of the best Android Video camera application that compete with apple’s cinematic mode. FiLMic video camera app already used on professional activities.

If you are interested in Android Camera app that is more capable of video recording than photo capturing, then this is the app you are looking.

Cinema and Videography

Ever imagined of a world without entertainment? Entertainment is a form of art that brings relaxation, happiness to all humankind by awakening hormones that are responsible to create happiness thereby helping one maintain their mental wellbeing.

Out of all these fantabulous forms of art, cinema and videography has become one of the most popular nowadays. Film has been considered an exemplary form of art that awakens ones vision and change perspective of different situations.

It is also a powerful source of communicating ones feelings, emotions and how one sees the world. It brings out ones creativity and skill, allowing one to explore gateways to their fantasies. Making movies and videos require an immense level of skill and creativity.

It also requires a good camera. But, leave that stress to us and just focus on making those amazingly creative videos. Because FiLMiC Inc has introduced the all new FiLMiC Pro, a professional HD manual video camera to bring all of your visions to life.

Features of FiLMic Pro Android Video Camera

The features of FiLMiC Pro will indeed prove to you what an amazing app it is for all your videographic needs. It is one of the most advanced video cameras for all android devices having a range of features to enhance your videos.

It has also been used by highly known professional and award winning directors in numerous music videos that have blown away people’s minds across the globe. John Legend’s-A good night, Lose you to love me by Selena Gomez, Stupid Love by Lady Gaga and many more exemplary music videos have been shot by the one and only FiLMiC Pro app.

You could be a filmmaker, or a teacher, or a vlogger or even a newscaster, and this app will be the best choice you ever made. Especially in the growing virtual world. It provides enhanced tonal range inclusive of flexibility and dynamic range in post-production of all your videos. It also allows a range of exciting features.

Manual Controls for Video Recording

Manual focus and exposure can be controlled by a dual arc slider, ramped zoom lockers, highlight controls, white balance, live shadows and content management, and many more highly advanced features are included on the app itself.

You can also decide if you want to shoot in standard, manual or even in hybrid shooting mode of your preference. It also comprises of 8 aspect ratios to suit your situation and 4 encoding options to choose in order to balance the quality and file size of your creations.

The advanced audio and video features on the app will ensure to make you feel like a pro on the first going itself! If you have ever dreamed of showcasing your talents to the world, FiLMiC Pro will provide you with all the features you need to feel like a pro!

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