Bacon Camera – DSLR for Android

One of the best manually controllable Android Camera app to get perfect photos and videos you expected. Like DSLR you can easily control all most all the Android camera features by yourself using Bacon Camera app.

Best for Android photography

“Life is like photography, always look on the bright side of things”. This quote most definitely explains the importance of photography to life. It isn’t merely just a form of art or hobby; it also speaks to the soul and mind of the humankind.

Photography involves the major skill of creativity and also awakens the creative eye of the photographer to see the world in a different perspective. You might be passionate about photography or not.

But it is indeed a fact that we all do take photos, selfies, groupies, or whatever you might like to call them, on a daily basis. Looking cute? Click a selfie. The skyline looking nice? Click a picture. Going out with a group pf friends? Don’t forget that groupie! All occasions in life, be it special or not, a photograph is mandatory in order to preserve those memories passed.

You might sit down one fine day and just open your photo album, or your gallery what’s mostly used nowadays and relieve some of the good moments spent and memories cherished for a lifetime. Now this also requires the use of an extremely exciting and good quality camera. And Bacon Camera on the android store will ensure to provide all its users with the best photographic experience!

Bacon Camera for manual photos

Unlike any other camera app, supports manual control for a range of devices that do not support by Camera2 API of Google. This app will help you realize how powerful your camera is and is also optimized with the most exciting and advanced features you could ever imagine of.

Can’t get that DSLR? Well, not to worry because Bacon Camera is going to serve you just as good as a DSLR and maybe even better! The manual controls on the app comprises of manual focusing, white balance, ISO speed, Exposure compensation, Raw and DNG Support and many more manual controls that will make it super easy to take control of the camera.

So, you can now take your favorite shots just as you please and also adjust camera parameters as per your choice to make the best out of your capture. All of these tools put together will leave you with the most mesmerizing shot ever and make you feel like a pro!

It also includes exposure brackets, GIF’s, Panorama mode, grids, and many more super exciting and unique features that you would sure love to explore!

Bacon Camera app is designed specially to provide its users with the best photography experience and also allows its users to contact in case of any mishap. So, hurry and get going with one of the most wanted camera apps in today’s world and add some excitement and excellent quality to all your amazing shots!

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