SurveyCam (SpotLens) – Add GPS, TimeStamp, Location, Notes

SurveyCam on Google play store now known as Spotlense. Search as “spotlense” to find this survey camera app.

Add all the information you want to a photo. No need to use notes applications add photo add notes. Just capture photos from your Android camera app add information like GPS location, TimeStamp, Notes, drawings and many more. Ideal Android camera choice for many profesional workers our there.


Photography has won millions of hearts around the world. It is considered a superior art form and also a hobby by many people. With the development of technology, almost all of our daily chores have been limited to apps on our smartphones.

Even photography is done with just a few taps on your smart screen and the quality is so superior that you would feel like a professional photographer just with your mobile phone.

Photos as a profession

Apart from being a hobby and passion, photography also serves a lot of purpose for people at work. Taking significant pictures while noting down the time, date, and geographical location, and many other details are to be satisfied.

You might be working at a construction site, outdoor activity, or simply just anything that involves the process of adding information to your pictures. SurveyCam app, a GPS camera app that allows you to add notes, timestamps, locations, and many more will definitely serve the purpose.

This app is ideal for professionals such as civil engineers, construction workers, land surveyors and many others. You can take picture on site while simultaneously adding the necessary information to both the name of the file and also the photo using the watermark feature.

Features of SurveyCam

Taking notes and photos both at the same time has never been this easy and convenient before. It saves you so much time off of your busy schedule, and we all know that a site isn’t the ideal place to be taking notes down on paper.

So, why not allow SurveyCam to make your life easier with more time to focus on real work. Leave all the note taking, and photography to the most responsible camera app out there, SurveyCam.

The features it has to offer are beyond comprehensible. You can add a vast amount of information to the picture you take. Such as, reference numbers, GPS locations, Company names, any notes to be considered with the picture, location using longitude and latitude to be in precise detail, and many other information that will be highly relevant.

You can even customize your company logo and add that as a watermark to be more professional. This camera app supports many coordinate systems such as the WGS84, a longitude and latitude system, the UTM, USNG (NAD83), MGRS (NAD83), ED50, ETRS89, Grids such as the British, Swiss, Irish, Australia, and New Zealand, and many others. This makes it beneficial for all site work all around the world.

All it takes a just a few taps and not so much of effort to click the best photograph with all the information you’ll ever need. You can even make use of the app for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and others. Hurry and make your life super convenient with SurveyCam, the best there’s!

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