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Photo editing has become an essential part of our digital lives, allowing us to enhance and transform our photos with just a few clicks. Instead of using your full skill to edit photos, now you can use AI to make your photo editing to new level. One standout tool in the AI realm of photo editing is PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor. You will find very different experience compared to other Android photo editing tools like B612, YouCam Perfect and etc.

Features of PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor

Below listed some of the main features of this AI Android photo editor app.

Background Removal

Removing background or background objects from a photo is the hardest part of photo editing on Android phones. PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor can effortlessly remove photo background. With advanced artificial intelligence technology, it accurately detects the main subject and intelligently removes the background, even in complex images. Say goodbye to tedious manual selection or clunky eraser tools – PhotoRoom saves you time and effort with its seamless background removal capabilities.

Automatic Object Detection

The software’s powerful AI capabilities extend beyond background removal. This editor can automatically identify and isolates objects in your photos, allowing you to manipulate and customize them independently. From resizing and repositioning objects to changing their colors or applying filters, the level of control you have over your images is truly remarkable.

Background Replacement

PhotoRoom takes background editing a step further by offering an array of creative options for background replacement. Find best and suitable background images online and apply it your photos with ease. You can easily transform the look and feel of your photos. Whether you want to place your subject in a scenic landscape, a bustling city, or a dreamy fantasy world, PhotoRoom provides the tools to bring your vision to life.

Professional-Quality Edits

No need to be a professional photographer to achieve stunning results. The app offers a range of editing tools, including filters, adjustments for brightness, contrast, and saturation, as well as the ability to add text and graphics. Enhance your photos with professional-looking edits and showcase your creativity with ease.

Easy Sharing and Exporting

Once you’ve perfected your photos, PhotoRoom makes sharing and exporting hassle-free. Easily share your edited images directly to social media platforms or save them to your device. Whether you want to impress your friends on Instagram, create eye-catching graphics for your business, or simply cherish your memories, PhotoRoom provides a seamless workflow for sharing your edited photos.


PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor sets a new standard in photo editing, thanks to its advanced AI capabilities and user-friendly interface. With its intuitive background removal, automatic object detection, background replacement options, and professional-quality editing tools, PhotoRoom empowers users to unleash their creativity and transform their photos effortlessly. If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile photo editing solution, PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor is definitely worth exploring.

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