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Want to use your Android phone camera as a professional camera. There are many Android camera apps that provide full control over you app like on DSLR. From them Manual Camera – DSLR Camera Pro is the best.

Camera Apps

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, ‘Memories are Golden’ so goes a few popular favorite utterances the world over. These can only be made real with just one mode. And that is by camera capturing photos.

The popularity of the photography industry is evident by its immeasurable progress. The history of the camera is too long to narrate.  One of its modern developments are camera apps.

These apps been able to be installed in the most widely and commonly used personal smart devices such as smartphones, tabs, and the likes, has made  photography so easy and convenient. One will always be in a position to click on whatever they wish to.

No longer is a camera a special device that has to be carried exclusively like in the past, if one need to capture photos. With digital technology the captures are visible instantly.

In the past cameras were loaded with a film roll and this role had to be developed on hard material to make the images visible. The current generation will find all this hard to believe. And now we will focus on a camera app with amazing features where any generation will find hard to believe,  because it is an incredible super smart camera app,  with super smart features. Let’s do a quick run through this exciting Manual Camera DSLR Camera Pro App.

Features of Android Manual Camera App

Controlled exposure technology will give the most optimum brightness even with poor natural light. Even the minute details of the capture will be equally clear as the larger ones. Control White balance will make all white objects appear clearly in the photo. The whiteness of the overhead clouds will be visible with it’s natural look.

With Manual ISO technology the users can adjust the setting to brighten or darken a photo. The sunshine is very bright and blinding on the beach. So got to darken the capture for visibility. The moonlight outing is too dark. Need to brighten the capture for visibility. Flexibility no better.

Shutter speed control will automatically regulate the optimum length of time needed for the lens to be active to capture the image best. If this doesn’t work well images will come out blurred.

Save RAW photos. In case the user is not pleased with an image and require further attention to be paid, such images can be saved in raw format.

With many color filters, bring any color of your choice to the images. A handy feature for the users to add a theme on such images.

The users of this super Manual DSLR app gonna have a hard time to avoid the scramble of family, friends and whoever competing to be captured.

No worries, one or thousands of clicks will be no different with the easy to use, friendly camera app in your favorite smart device. A classic example of Crystal clear would be an image from the Manual DSLR Camera. Wow! Now who’s proud?  A very good reason to be, owning only the best camera app accompanying you at all times.

Install Manual Camera on your Android phone

Installation is very simple and easy. No need to search all over the internet for this application. Just open Play Store application of your Android phone and go to search. Then type “Manual Camera”. You will see this application on search results. If not click below direct download link using your Android phone to open play store installation link.

Download Now

There are many free Android beauty camera apps. B612, YouCam Perfect and Candy camera can be considered as the best of all.

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