LightCut -AI Auto Video Editor

Videos, short videos, vlogs, blogs, etc are now becoming our everyday companions. Now the world is relying so much on videos and they have become the major source of knowledge and entertainment. Now a days almost all of us around the globe at least want to create a short video. So, there are many companions that will help us in this aspect. One such cute and simple friend to have on your android is LightCut -AI Auto Video Editor.

What is LightCut -AI Auto Video Editor?

Simply, LightCut -AI Auto Video Editor is an amazing video editing app. in a world where AI seems everything the app is also uses AI to edit and create your videos. The output will be unbelievable. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro. LightCut -AI Auto Video Editor is for you all.

Features of LightCut -AI Auto Video Editor

Here are some of the features that makes LightCut -AI Auto Video Editor shines among the other video editing apps.

Stunning video editing tools

  • Shoot stunning videos like a pro using the trending video templates.
  • Do basic video trimming, cutting, cropping, splitting and merging very easily and quickly.
  • Add funny and beautiful stickers and texts to your videos to make them more beautiful.
  • Apply speed curves and slow-motion techniques in an instant.
  • Add filters and effects to your creation to make it more vibrant.
  • Add any anticipated music to your video.

AI powered auto video editing

The app comprises a nice feature by permitting you to create a professional video within few seconds. Once you select your video and upload it the app will automatically edit your video in to a professional and a wonderful one.

Use the templates

The LightCut -AI Auto Video Editor embraces different video templates to choose from. After you choose your video template the app will automatically generates a video for you. I am certain that you will love these creations as this gives you the best output according to your chosen template and tempo. Some of these creative templates are travel, nature, fashion, sports and etc.

It’s free

The other cool feature related to the app is its free. There are no subscriptions or in-app purchases included in the app.

If you are willing to create a stunning video within few seconds using few taps this is the best app to have on your Android. It is easy to use and simple. So, download LightCut -AI Auto Video Editor in your Android and create a video on your own and share it with your friends.

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