HTC Camera App

Best HTC Camera app with all the features from HTC cooperation. Now you can install featureful stock HTC camera on your Android phone to have better HTC camera experience.

You can install this camera app on any Android camera. Please note that this camera app will not work perfectly on all Android phones due to compatibility issues. This camera apk is not developed for every Android phone. If you want nice and compatible Android camera click here.

HTC Camera App for Android

As per its popularity saying one of the world’s most popular and widely used device would be a camera would not be wrong. Here’s introducing the all-inclusive features of a most exclusive camera app one would wish to have. It is none other than the HTC Camera.

Most of us in our daily routine may come across a situation where our conscious tells us to capture a photograph or to video record something that would interest. As these are unplanned situations one need to have an efficient and easy to use app featuring a camera to suit the need.


HTC camera with its ability to quickly capture photos and video record will sure serve the user well during these situations where quick reaction is the answer.

This camera app offers the option of either automatic settings or manual mode for capturing of photos and will sure to satisfy anyone who would want to click at their wish even when on the move. Offers one to capture the best shot using all these multiple modes.

Here are some more fantastic features in the app to further thrill its users. The well set manual controls will give the user efficient control of the app with safety and quality combined.

The auto capture mode in the camera will assist a beginner or someone without much experience by going about the action to get the best exposure same time showing and teaching the new or the not too experienced one to handle the camera.

This camera has in it to capture voice recording. The Live make up feature gives one to add colors, shades to an image. Particularly handy to make a fashion conscious female happy in making available a vast color range for her facial make up, Lipstick, nail polish etc. Thereby the camera giving value addition to a professional user of the app.

Camera Pro Features

Pro camera mode allows the user to manually adjust the parameters of a picture to capture to suit the user. The Panorama camera mode will enable the user to bring together several images to make a panoramic view covering all angles like left, right, top, bottom etc in one exposure shot.

Hyper-lapse video mode allows one to set up one’s own time frame for videoing choosing the best shutter speed most suitable for the best picture. HCT camera has not missed out to give its user the slow motion video option in this fast paced easy to use camera app. Slow motion is referred by many to view action fully that one would miss out at the normal speed. Many sports fans would use the slow motion over and over to review an action fully to ensure not to be left behind missing out on any.

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