Candy Selfie – Android Camera and Editor

The Candy selfie camera app is a great photo editing tool that is a must have on any device. The app was designed by Mivo Studios in the year 2016 and consists of many editing tools that enhances and improves your images.

The application is intended to make taking and editing selfies simple and enjoyable for users. The app has also been updated on a regular basis, with new features and upgrades to improve the user experience and app performance. Candy selfie app has been a popular alternative for anyone wishing to shoot and edit high-quality selfies on their mobile device due to its user-friendly design and numerous editing capabilities.

Features of Candy Selfie App

The Candy selfie camera app contains a variety of features and functions that are designed to enhance your photos and give better more clearer results. Candy selfie app’s real-time editing tools, which allow users to preview the impact of filters and other edits before shooting the shot, are one of its notable features. This allows users to easily experiment with numerous effects and obtain the best appearance for their selfies.

The application also includes editing features such as skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and blemish removal. These tools can assist users in improving the overall appearance of their selfies and achieving a more polished appearance.

The Candy selfie app also has a collage maker option that allows users to mix many images into a single image and even include fun additions. The program provides a range of templates and layouts from which users can create unique collages for their social media accounts.

Use to use this Android Camera App

This Android camera app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In-app purchases are available for users who want to access additional features such as premium filters and stickers.

Users can purchase these features separately or subscribe to the app’s VIP membership to gain access to all premium features. Before snapping the photo, users can experiment with different effects and see the outcomes in real-time.

Users can use the app’s editing features to improve the appearance of their selfies after shooting a photo. The application has a number of features that can be customized easily to obtain the outcome you want, such as skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and blemish elimination.


The Candy selfie: camera & editor app is an excellent app for improving the quality of one’s selfies. Users can easily experiment with different effects and discover the perfect appearance for their photographs with its various editing features. There are many beauty Android camera apps like B612 apk, YouCam Perfect, Candy Camera and etc. Try those alternatives for free.

Users are able to achieve a more polished look for their selfies with the app’s editing options, which include skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and blemish removal. The collage builder in the app is also a fun and simple method to create personalized collages to use on social media.

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