B612 Version 12.2.5

B612 has released a new version 12.2.5 with updates like the way we capture and retouch our moments in front of the lens. This is a latest stable update after 12.1.25. Below shows more information about this new update. Click here to download B612 v12.2.5

New Features of B612 v12.2.5

The 12.2.5 update of the B612 Camera App is not just an incremental upgrade, it’s a transformative leap. With the addition of the One Touch, Cleanse, Cool Down, Fix Tone, B&W, Fix Shadow, Anti Glare, and Structure features, users are empowered with an array of tools that allow them to turn their photos into true works of art. From portrait perfection to dramatic black and white compositions, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

One Touch

The One Touch feature in B612 12.2.5 intelligently analyzes your photo and applies enhancements that instantly elevate your image. Whether you’re capturing a attractive landscape or a selfie, One Touch ensures your photo shines without the hassle.

Cleanse, Cool Down, and Fix Tone

Achieving the ideal skin tone, reducing blemishes, and balancing colors have never been easier. With Cleanse, Cool Down, and Fix Tone, B612 12.2.5 lets you fine-tune your images to reflect the true essence of the moment.

Black and White and the Art of Shadows

For those seeking to evoke emotion and drama, the B&W and Fix Shadow features offer a transformative touch. Converting your images to black and white, while fixing shadows ensures that even the subtlest details are visible.

Flawless Finishing Touches

Anti Glare feature, which allows you to reclaim the lost details and restore the balance of your image. On the other hand, the Structure feature accentuates textures and brings out finer details, making your photos pop with vibrancy and life.

Create Fun Faces

B612 12.2.5 invites you to explore your creative side like never before. The app now allows you to create fun faces however you want, letting you reshape reality into something playful and imaginative. From hilarious mashups to surreal expressions, the only limit is your own creativity.

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