1998 Cam – Vintage Camera

There’s something magical about the 1998 vintage camera photos and videos. The 1998 Cam – Vintage Camera app is a perfect companion for those seeking to add a retro touch to their photos and videos. With its wide range of filters, classic date time stamp, and advanced editing features, this app brings the charm of vintage cameras to the palm of your hand for free.

Features of 1998 Cam Apk

Filters for Every Mood

Has a collection of over 100 filters to match your every need. If you want the classic film look, the old color tone, or the dramatic black and white effect, this app has everything you need. Additionally, it offers a variety of cinematic, portrait, and landscape filters, enabling you to capture the perfect mood for your shots.

Instant Preview and Realistic 3D Effect

With the instant preview feature, you can view the filtered image in real-time before capturing the shot. Does not need to capture your photos and add filters to see how it look. You can choose your favorite filter and capture photos and selfies to get most out those filters. Moreover, the app’s realistic 3D effect adds depth and dimension to your photos, making them come alive.

Classic Date Time Stamp and Film Effects

Traditional cameras of the past have a classic date time stamp feature. This adds a vintage touch to your photos, printed dates found on physical prints from the days of analog photography. Additionally, film dust, grainy filters, and random light leak effects further enhance the vintage aesthetic, giving your images a unique and authentic feel.

Enhanced Editing Capabilities

This app goes beyond just applying filters. Its advanced photo and video editor allow you to fine-tune your images and videos to perfection. Adjust properties such as brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, exposure, fade, warmth, tone, sharpness, and grain, ensuring that every detail is exactly as you want. Plus, with the ability to edit and add filters even after taking a picture, you have full control over your creative process.

Advanced cut/crop feature lets you perfectly frame and align your photos. You can also change filters and effects, as well as their intensity, in real-time while capturing photos and videos, ensuring you achieve the desired look with ease.


With its array of vintage filters, classic date time stamp, and advanced editing capabilities, the 1998 Cam – Vintage Camera app transports you back in time. Download it today for free using play store.

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