ToonApp – Cartoon Yourself with AI Cartoon Photo Editor

Convert your selfies or photos to sketching, pencil strokes, or other artistic drawings with caricature feature on ToonApp. Has best AI photo conversion to cartoons. You can convert your head to cartoon and can change it for different matching body for perfect cartoons.

Smartphone as a part of life

Most commonly heard amongst people are “Not enough time to do the job” or “Even 24 hours is not enough to attend to a day’s work” These utterances drive a clear message that people have become busier than ever before in today’s world.

Therefore, to pitch in that right balance between work and relaxation is necessary. Giving consideration to this has brought about a well thought and designed App that can easily be installed in a smartphone. In today’s world a smartphone has become almost another limb to all. The service provided by a smartphone to say is unmeasurable, would not be denied by anyone.

No wonder a smartphone has become everyone’s trusted and popular pal. The referred App is the ToonApp. Here’s how it would give all the users that relief from stress and bring in much needed welcome relaxation.

Features of ToonApp APK

Halloween characters are best included in the Toon App. Its Halloween caricature feature has amazing filters. With a tap, make photos converted to cartoons. Insert a buffalo head, elephant trunk, face of an owl or a Halloween character to your photo. Now make everyone laugh their hearts out each and every time they are viewed.

A wide selection lot of anime characters are on offer with super digital art filters. Use them on your images to cartoonize differently. Combine various drip effect Halloween characters with the cartoon filters. Now you can make the outcome even more stunning with a hand painted look. Insert lines, shapes, curves, etc.

To bring in the best of vector art to the cartoons. With all these stunning and real fun bringing cartoon images share them over Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other platforms and share the fun with all. Others too would be delighted and grateful for these laughter invoking cartoons in a class of their own. Cartoons with the big heads and the likes shared through social media and the likes will be stunning.

With the inclusion of the choicest of the paint brush and photo shop features the cartoons can be made to take different looks. Add blur, brightness, touch ups, to make them even more unique.

By using photo effects add color and create splashes, shining stars, glowing hearts and whatever amazing. Toon Editor will auto take out backgrounds so that the user can insert the most opportune background offered. The options and features offered by ToonApp has no boundaries.

Be familiar with the ToonApp in your smartphone to bring out the best of fun, laughter, and relaxation with its stunning features that no other App offers so exclusively to make Toon App one of its kind. It bring in that extra vigor and vitality to life. Remember a hearty laugh could make all that difference all thanks to ToonApp.

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