Selfix – Selfie Photo Editor

Edit your photos or selfies to have perfect quality and beauty with Selfix. Selfix is a free Android Photo editor app that is available for all Android phones and tablets.

Capture your selfie with style

Capturing a selfie has almost become a routine with the current society. Despite of the generation you belong to, clicking a selfie no matter where you are or what you’re doing, can be truly amusing.

Hanging out with friends and family, hiking or tripping in some exotic location, or even just chilling at home gardening. No matter what the occasion is, a selfie is always mandatory. A selfie a day indeed keeps the doctor away!

Social media has also turned out to become an important part of our lives. Posting all of those amazingly clicked selfies on social media often helps one to gain confidence and boost self-esteem.

So, to help you create those perfect selfies, Tap-Mobile has introduced the Selfix app, your best photo editor you will ever lay your hands on for all android users out there!

You can now upgrade all of your selfies with the best editing app and retouch all of your gorgeous selfies into masterpieces. The features on the app will offer a range of options that will help you create the perfect picture that stands out from the rest.

Features of Selfix App

The advanced technology on the app makes it possible to retouch photos such as brightening teeth, smoothening skin, taking off unnecessary objects from the picture’s background, and many more.

The app also allows easy sharing on all your social media platforms, So you can flaunt all of those perfect selfies and portraits of yourself.

If you have been looking out for the perfect photo editing app that will male you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself, look no further as Selfix has got you covered.

Achieve the perfect glowing skin you have always wanted by removing all blemishes, fixing pores and pimples in just a few taps on your screen.

You can also very easily adjust your skin’s tone and look gorgeous as ever. The app will help you to have the prettiest brightest smile by simply whitening your teeth and adjusting your jaw and face for the best smile out there!

You can also enlarge features such as your eyes and smile to make the most of your capture.

The app also comprises of super cool backgrounds and virtual makeovers with the makeup feature on the app. get your very own natural makeup look for free with Selfix!

Download Selfix Apk

The app will indeed make you feel like you’ve never felt before. Create your very own masterpieces with the app and enjoy the beauty it offers you. Start editing like a pro with all of the unique range if features on the app. you can also tune your face by slimming or reshaping your body as you wish.

Who said you cannot look like you want? With Selfix, you can choose exactly how you’d want to look. So, sit back and edit like a pro with the best photo editing app, Selfix!.

You can use Google play store to install this free Android photo editor app. Click below download link using your Android phone.

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There are many cool photo editors and beauty camera apps for Android. Candy Camera, YouCam Perfect and B612 are some of them. You can download and install above free beauty camera apps from play store.

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