ProCam X Lite – Pro HD Camera

Instead of having limited options to change like ordinary Android camera app, use ProCam X lite. This Android Camera app offers professional features that professional camera app need. Best Android HD professional Camera app.

You will have full control over exposer, focus, ISO, White balance and many more pro features. Use your pro skills to capture pro level photos with this free Android camera app.

Evolution of Camera to a daily essential item

Most people are sentimental irrespective of which part of the globe they live. Being sentimental makes one want to capture events that are important and retain them to view as and needed. In the 18th century scientists experimented in finding ways to still an image to be viewed later.

History says that a major breakthrough was found in the 19th century and the world’s first successful image was created in 1826 which came to be known as ‘Photography’ . Photos are captured by the device familiar to us known as the camera. Ever since photography has come to stay, delighting people all over the world. Technology in photography keeps developing all the time with new features been added.

In modern times photography is used to capture any event. It can be a Birthday, Sports, Politics, Weddings and other social events, hobbies like wildlife, scenery etc. You name it and it will involve photography. This is the very reason a camera in a smartphone become much more popular than dedicated camera devices.

Features of ProCam X Lite

ProCam X camera with the most modern technology has amazing features to bring ultimate satisfaction to people taking photos and also allows high resolution video recording from their smartphone. Here are those amazing easy to use features in the Procam X.

The fastness of the camera makes it easy to keep clicking to capture many photos in a continuous motion. This is very handy as one will not have to miss out on any action.

With face detection/face recognition feature camera will show human presence in the image and confirm identity giving control access to sensitive areas.

Procam X allows the user to create photos with different effects- Dark, Light etc.. to enable the best in an image. Procam X with its high dynamic camera makes all its features function at their best quality.

To move to video caption mode is just another click making switching from photos to video mode very simple and easy. It has the option to turn off shutter sound or adjust its sound. It has adjustable volume keys to suit the most optimum sound the user prefers.

Built-in remote control facility gives the option of controlling the functions away from the app making usage easier. Remote controlled function makes it possible for audio countdowns and auto repeat mode.

It has the option of setting camera or the video mode to portrait or landscape position to best suit the capture. With its details been able to be stamped on the photo you’ll always be able to identify the photo later on. ProCam X offers an app which will thrill its users to bits!

Download ProCam X Lite for Android

This is a free Android camera application that is available via Google play store. If your Android device has play store application, you can use it. Click below link using your Android phone to open play store download link.


We will include more download options for Android device that does not has Play store or unable to download via play store.

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