Auto Stamper – Add custom watermark to photos

Easily add watermark to every photo you capture. You can add date and time, logo, GPS location, signature, serial number, etc. No need to use photoshop or other heavy photo editing applications. Use Auto Stamper to add your custom watermark on every photo.

Memories of your own

A photograph possesses the ability to speak a thousand words. Being in the right place, at the right time will help you capture moments of a lifetime.

Looking back at all these photographs indeed brings a sense of nostalgia and good times spent with good people. Memories and people might be gone, forgotten, from life. But a good photograph, will stay in your album for years.

The camera apps on our smartphones have made it much more easier to always be prepared to capture moments. All it takes is just a few taps on your smartphone to freeze those memories, sceneries into a portrait.

You can possess 100’s of photographs but isn’t it wonderful if you can remember every tiny detail behind that photo? looking back, it might be nice to remember where and when these memories were made, and with whom.

This requires the location, date and time, and a few other notes to be made along with your photography. To make that more easy, GPS Map Camera has brought to you the all new Auto Stamper app for all Android users for absolutely free on the Android store!

Features of Auto Stamper

You can now experience exciting photographic memories just simply by adding watermark stamps to your photos with this exceptional auto stamper that comes 5-in-1.

You can now add the date and time, copyright logo, GPS Stamp or a Geotag, Signature stamp, and even a sequential number stamp, all automatically at ease.

Millions of users around the world has enjoyed the best of what Auto Stamper has to offer. The app guarantees the best for all its users with the wide range of features it has to offer.

Auto stamper is the first app that offers 5 variant stamps all in just one app. It is also built-in to your camera to provide you with the ultimate photography experience.

You can choose features such as the stamp color, background colors, formats, size and positioning, and other aspects to enrich your watermark stamps with the best.

There are over 50 choices of formats for all the stamp variants, and you could choose what suits your photograph the best. This way, years may pass by, and you would still remember every tiny detail about your photo.

The copyrights stamp will allow you to preserve your rights of the photograph while maintaining integrity.

Sign all of your photos simply by adding the signature watermark and avoid your click from being misused by anyone out there. the auto sequential stamp will allow you top keep track and organize your photographs in proper order.

All of these amazing features are guaranteed to make your life much easier and convenient. Hurry, get your hands on Auto Stamper and experience informative and mind blowing photography of a lifetime! 

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